Liquid Left Solutions was founded in 2012 to find creative and adaptable solutions. Our primary focus is on software development for the web and mobile devices. Our solutions cover everything from global news and viral videos to gaming and travel.

Current & Future Solutions

15 Minute News Logo
15 Minute News is a news resource for consuming and tracking news globally.
15 Minute News Logo
15 Minute Fun is a Video & Image Discovery Service showcasing the Best the Web has to offer.
Blondesville Logo
Blondesville is an entertainment and e-commerce website focused on dumb blondes.
Lightasm Logo
Lightasm is a Photography and Videography website.
Tripsophy Logo
Tripsophy is a mobile tour management system and travel guide all in one.
Maze Rescue Logo
Maze Rescue is a mobile game which see’s players helping ants around an underground mazes.
FrankenName Logo
FrankenName is a Word Game relying on the players General Knowledge and Lexicon.