15 Minute News

15 Minute News


15 Minute News is a News Discovery System offering Discovery, Analytic’s and Tracking of News. This allows you to keep up with news as it unfolds to help you Know the News.

Idea and Solution

15 Minute News was developed to set a new standard in news discovery. This was done by providing a structure to accommodate mass consumption of news in the shortest possible time. The site also organizes articles based on their popularity. The most popular articles rise to the top signifying importance.

We also developed tools to share content easily and to let users track developing stories over time. Storyboards were created to group and track articles released over time. As a result users can now follow stories as they develop.


Efficiency was a key part of the site’s design goals as well as size and a clean, crisp design. The design has a minimalists feel with limited graphics allowing the users attention to focus on the content. Design also took into consideration screen real estate so to ensure articles were laid out in an optimal fashion. As a result more articles are visible at any given time.

Content displayed is retrieved from various publishers using commonly implemented syndication technology. Because of this publishers have full control over how their content is distributed and displayed.